Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sher North Indian Cuisine

Residing in the quiet precinct of old Nee Soon area, you will be surprised to see a new eating place emerging specializing in Northern Indian cuisines. The chinese eating house had became a landmark after many years because of its corner location. Sher North Indian Cuisine is located along the stretch of shophouses, just next to it. I had a crave for Indian food and because I was also lazy to travel all the way to Upper Serangoon, I decided to check out for nearby areas. I was so happy that I found Sher, and within 30 minutes, I was already on my way down. 

There were quite a number of varieties on its menu, and because I was ignorance of what the names meant, I just randomly picked a few. The only thing I knew about Indian cuisines were naan, prata and curry. The experience here was new to me.  

As we sat down, papadom was served, together with mint sauce. I liked the sauce! It tasted a little cheesy and spicy. It had a unique taste and it doesn't really feels like its part of the Indian cuisine. The mint sauce went pretty well with the papadom. I used to eat papadom without sauce, now that sauce was introduced to me, I became addicted to it. How I wish they would top up the papadom and I would just go on munching... 

We ordered the Raita under the appetizer menu. It was actually yogurt and I never knew that Yogurt could taste so nice with some chopped vegetables in it. I did not regret this choice. 

Finally we tried the Naan!! I had the Garlic Naan, Cheese Naan and the Butter Naan. Just loved the flavouring in it. The Cheese Naan was so good that you could just eat it on its own. The Garlic Naan was very fragrant and the moment it arrived on the table, the smell allured you to the food. The same goes to the Butter Naan. The Butter Naan lost a little because it tasted similar to the normal Naan, maybe more butter would improve the taste. Thumbs up for the Naans!! 

The Curry Chicken was delicious. The meat were soft and tender, and the curry tasted fantastic. I was impressed with the combination of Indian spices that could bring out on a simple dish like that. Chinese and Malays too had their own recipes for Chicken Curry. The Indian ones were great. We just loved curry!! We also tried the Tandoori Chicken. The chicken was a little stiff, but the taste was fragrant too. The look of the Tandoori Chicken literally made you salivated. Its the spices!! I just loved it.

We also tried the Palak Paneer, which was basically Spinach puree. I never had tasted vegetables being blended into a puree. It was so savoury and I fell in love with this dish. It gave me the feel that it was curry but green in colour. And the best part in this dish was the cheese cubes hidden inside!! Yummy....!! 

We headed back and this time round, decided to give the traditional Chicken Biriyani a try. To my surprise, the Basmati rice was not hard unlike those Biriyani you had seen in coffeeshops or eating house. The gravy was mixed together with the rice, giving you an easy eating experience. The chicken was soft and tender as expected, wonder what Sher did to keep that standard. Great!!  The Biriyani was easy to chew and swallow, and the best feel was that you would not get sick of it. We had the Butter Chicken too to add on to our Biriyani. I would give the Butter Chicken two thumbs up!! The gravy was creamy, savoury, and rich. Wow... I felt so delighted to have tried out this Butter Chicken dish.

I had a Lemon Tea to quench my thirst. The drink was so refreshing. It was not too sweet, just right for me, not too sour either. It was basically nice! I had tried the Lime Juice on my earlier visit and it was also refreshing. Try it... 

There was Happy Hour promotion at Sher too on Fridays! We had the Hoegaarden at only $8 per pint. Quite worth it. We came back to Sher for some light food this time round, ordered a vege and a naan. It was called Bindi Masala, basically Lady's Finger with onions and spices. Note that for this dish, there was no gravy in it. It went well with the naan too and it felt different, unlike the usual ones where there were gravy and you would put some of it over your naan before going into your mouth. I would give this dish another thumbs up!

I would definitely be back to this place again. I had been having take-aways for naan due to my late work schedules. I am so wanted to randomly picked and try out the different dishes. My target is to try out all the dishes in Sher. Great place for get together and chill out too... 

25, Sembawang Road
S'pore 779079

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Delhi Restaurant

Stepping into the streets of Little India sometimes engulfed me that I am in India. The smell of India was all over the place - the curry, the jasmine flowers and the coconut oil. I had grown up having only Roti Prata, Curry, Murtabak, Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and the Indian tidbits - Muruku. It was recently after my holidays in Europe that I tried out a dish called "Chicken Tikka", then it striked me to start exploring the Indian cuisines. My first stop for my very first Indian cuisine was in Little India. There were too many of them so I had to choose. I picked the award winning restaurant for Northern Indian cuisines - Delhi Restaurant. It was located in Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road. 

It was my first time there and I realized that most of its customers were not exactly Indians, instead they were either Chinese or foreigners. They served some snacks upon arriving, the papadom together with the cheesy mint sauce. I had eaten papadom all the time but did not match it with any sauce before. To my surprise, I liked the sauce! It felt like Nachos dipping into cheddar cheese sauce. It was yummy!! 

The plain water was served in authentic Indian cupware, it really made you felt like you were in India. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, the Pepper Prawns, the Garlic naan and Methi Paratha. For the selections of bread, basically we just whacked anything because we could not understand what name symbolised what kind of bread. All we could understand was naan. Menu for Delhi Restaurant is available here

The Chicken Tikka Masala was delicious.I never knew Indian spices could be so fragrant. The same goes to the Pepper Prawns. The Chicken Tikka Masala (mainly meat from the thighs therefore it was juicy) was cooked with curry, ginger, capsicum and indian spices and had a touch of coriander leaves to further enhanced the taste. I hated ginger and coriander in my life until today, that I felt that the combination was great. Onions were eaten raw here, and you could request for additional helpings of it. The Pepper Prawns were a little more spicy than the Chicken. Black pepper was added to the curry so the heat was doubled up. The prawns were big and fresh, and it was indeed crunchy.

All the dishes tasted fantastically wonderful. The serving of the curry was very generous. The smell of Indian spices and the aroma of the curry attracted you the moment it arrived on your table. The Garlic naan was so nice that you could practically eat it on its own. The curry gravy was really spicy. The Methi Paratha did not really had any taste of fenugreek, but it was worth a try. You got to really be able to take spicy stuff before hitting this place. It is a place of truly authentic northern indian food. 

I came back to this place again a week later to try out more of its other dishes. Again, we just anyhow whacked and the food came. I was like "Oh My God", it was delicious. this time round we ordered the Fish Tikka, the Chicken Do Piaza, the Roomali Roti, the Poori and Mango Lassi. 

The Fish Tikka felt like deep fried nuggets but it was fish instead! The marinated spices on the fish was so fragrant! And I loved it. Just put in into your mouth and munched it. You would not match it with any bread at all. Because it tasted so nice on its own. I am beginning to love Indian cuisines. The Chicken Do Piaza was full of ingredients and again thigh meat was used. It was cooked with tons of onions! You could request for raw ones if you wished.

I did my own combination of food and it looked like a fine dining dish being served. Fish and chicken with sauce decoration. 

There was a kind of Indian bread that was spun around on a finger to make it into a huge circle, it was called the Roomali Roti. I had seen it on televisions but had never tried it before. Watch it here, You would recall what it was. It was like a piece of handkerchief. It was soft and easy to eat, well you got to tear it to open and dipped it into the sauce, or wrapped it round the fish or chicken. Then we had the Poori, it was another kind of bread, deep fried and it blew up like a balloon. It was like a puff bread. I would not tried it again because I felt that it was too oily. It looked interesting though and you could try it for the first time.

All Indian dishes were spicy. Even the drink I had, the Mango Lassi. It had a little spicy pricking effect, probably from the pineapples they used. But I understand that it was made with Indian yoghurt, therefore it was supposed to be healthy. The Mango Lassi was soothing and nice too. 

My conclusion for this restaurant, GOOD!! This place was being published on Food Magazines and it was one of the best restaurant in Singapore for Northern Indian Cuisines. And because of that, tourists flocked here to had a taste of India whenever they visited Singapore. 

Broadway Hotel
195C, Serangoon Road
S'pore 218067

Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Jumbo POT - JPOT

It was a treat from my wonderful colleague that she recommended me to this place, JPOT. I just realized that it was part of the JUMBO group of restaurants. The place was crowded and reservations were necessary. As far as I know, there were only 2 outlets in Singapore, one at Tampines One and the other at Vivo City. The 3rd is coming soon at Parkway Parade. Be sure to check out the one near you...

The food were very fresh and there were lots of varieties to choose from. The sauces were located in the center of the restaurant and they tasted great especially when you mixed a bit of everything. The garlic mix was my favourite. Basically I added a little bit of everything with a lot of garlic and sesame seeds. I was greedy so I made two bowls of sauces. The other was a combination of all the oils such as chilli and sesame, and with some fresh chopped garlic and leek. Smells great! There were also several choices of soup to choose from. My recommendation would be the Herbal and the Fish Head soup. Splendid!

I am feeling hungry especially when I looked at other peoples' tables. All the tables were full of food!! Oh my god...!! It was not a buffet but the amount of food that people ordered seems unlimited. Let's now turned to the food... My favourite dish, beef!! I ordered the Premium Beef , the Wagyu Ribeye and the Grain-Fed Ribeye. It was fantastic, so tender and soft, and it matched pretty well with the sauces. I loved it!! I am a huge fan of beef by the way... The thickened beef slices were served with quail egg, so you got to break and mix it with the meat. The savoury taste was fantastic. 

We also ordered Pork Loin, Kurobuta Pork and the Jumbo Pork Ball. My friend was a huge fan of pork, therefore we do not need to fight for food. The pork was also tender and soft. We had 2 servings of Pork Loin. Basically this place served very fresh meat.   

The Jumbo Pork Ball was homemade. The meat was very fresh and the taste was well marinated. It also matched well with the sauces. Try all the homemade balls! They have prawn balls, cheese balls, meatballs, beef balls, etc. I had tried a selection of balls, so far all tasted great! We ordered others like fish, vegetables, scallops and some cooked food. I visited this place twice, and I would love to go again... 

The food all just tasted soooo good!! The fried yam can be eaten straight or can be thrown into the broth to be boiled to soften it further. The fried homemade beancurd was also my favourite. There was free flow drinks at $3.80, selections include soft drinks and homemade drinks - Longan and Barley. 

This is one of the best steamboat I had eaten so far. It was far much better than Mushroom Pot or those Ma La or Si Chuan style. The price was a little steep but it was well worth a try. If you have tried it, I believed you would give the food thumbs up!!! More information can be found here.

JPOT @ Vivo City
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-53, S'pore 098585

JPOT @ Tampiness 1
10 Tampiness Central 1
#03-16, S'pore 529536

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Chonburi Mookata House

I had a hard time hunting down this place. It is located in a coffeeshop at Blk 421 in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. I saw people posting this Mookata place online so I decided to check it out myself. Getting to its carpark is a complicated task for those who do not live there. Finally I found the place!! I could smell the BBQ air from afar, and it was very alluring. I ordered the Platter set for 2 at $22 because there were only 2 of us. There was also additional food choices to add on separately. 


And there it goes.... There was also Platter for 4 available at $39, normally as a family set. There was a wide selection of add-on for sides, and they were not expensive at all. It is not a charcoal BBQ unlike Tom Yum Kungfu. To each its own preference. 

I was quite satisfied with the food because you could hardly find shisamo in many Thai Mookata BBQ. There was also egg surprisingly compared to quail eggs in most steamboats. Time to start cooking... ...

The aroma smelled so good. I was so eager to stuff it into my mouth though it was burning hot. Don't forget to dip into the Thai chilli sauce, very spicy, but delicious.I ordered extra meats - bacon, beef and pork. I felt that the meat in the platter was not enough for us because we were meat lovers. If you are loking for cheap eats, this place is one option. By the way, the soup was boiled with corn, not plain stock water. It's basically corn soup. I will move around to hunt for more Mookata to try!! Yum yum... ...

Blk 421, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
#01-1149, S'pore 560421

Rating: 3.5 out of 5