Friday, 22 November 2013

iSteaks Grill House

Located in the vicinity of Serangoon Garden, used to be a small coffee shop with only few operating stalls, we can see most of the customers ordered steaks instead of eating the local food. This steakhouse dominated the coffee shop mostly in the evenings. It used to be Aston previously but was taken over by them. I will visit this place every now and then because the steaks are good and value for money. The price went up a little but I still feel that it is reasonable. This steak stall worth my admiration because they employed people with a little low IQ, helping them to secure a job and having a stable income. 

We ordered a US Pork Loin steak and a NZ Ribeye steak. Yummy yummy always!! The pork loin was tender and juicy and same goes to the ribeye. We always order pork and beef because its our favourite food, especially if it was well cooked to our expectations.

The dish came with complimentary sides such as creamed broccoli, cheese macaroni, BBQ baked beans, green salad, mashed potato, olive rice, fries, onion rings, and potato salad. We would always have some greens on our dish because it was too meaty. This had became one of our favourite eating place for steaks and I would recommend it to all people. The pastas were also worth a try. 

Now they had shifted into myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens. The prices were a little steep because it was adopting a restaurant concept style. The food quality was maintained, and the menu stayed the same. One thing I felt was that it doesn't feel liked it was valued for money anymore. It is still worth a try because it's still affordable for many of us. The menu had not changed so why not....

I still love the juiciness of the meat... So yummy!! I am back occasionally still because I loved the steak there.

1, Maju Avenue
myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens
S'pore 556679

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Orchid Live Seafood

Located along Sembawang Road, at Bah Soon Pah Road, we always see a beer garden for beer drinkers to chill out. Not knowing that there is a seafood restaurant inside, I had never set foot there. Until I saw the advert along the road saying "Live Seafood", then I decided to give it a shot. There were quite a number of cars when I arrived. It's speciality dish was the lobster porridge as advertised, and there were few tables ordering it.

Well I did not want to eat porridge at that time because I saw something special on the menu, its COLD CRAB! One of my favourites too because it had lots of eggs. I just love cold crab, especially crabs with eggs! So yummy. There were quite a varieties of food available as per stated in the menu. I ordered one small cold crab, small spicy squid, one sweet potato leaves vege and a fried rice. 

The best dish of the dinner was the cold crab. This small crab cost me $20, which I find it quite reasonable. There were eggs in it and I just love it! The pictures show everything. This restaurant was runned by PRCs and the other dishes were not as tasty as those from the "zi char" stalls. Maybe it was due to different cooking styles, but it did not suit my taste. 


The small spicy squid was sour which I believed they cooked using the Thai sweet and sour sauce, and the red onions that went with it was cold, so it felt like a cold dish instead. The sambal sweet potato leaves was not spicy at all and I had to add the balachan chilli and mixed it myself. The cook which I believed was not a local because the food produced did not have the local flavour. 

Well, I do not really recommend this place unless you are going for the cold crab and lobster porridge. From what I see and feel, these two items were more popular. I will be back for the cold crab or lobster porridge, but not the local dishes. 

More information on Orchid Live Seafood can be found on their website here.

1, Bah Soon Pah Road
S'pore 769959

Rating: 2 out of 5

Travelling Experience

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chye Lai Curry Fish Head Restaurant

We were comtemplating on what to eat for dinner, and curry fish head came to our minds. We had two choices: curry fish head or white beehoon along Sembawang Road, at Jalan Legundi. Then we remembered there was a restaurant specializes in curry fish head. So here we go..... It was not crowded when we arrived so we could easily find a comfortable seat. This place can be quite crowded at times. Usually when we drove past, we could always see people eating. I had tried once before but that was quite a few years back. Now I am back again to savour it... ... 

 The menu presented quite a number of varieties, but because there were only two of us, we do not want to order too much food. We can always come back again to try the different dishes, at the same time updating this blog. We ordered a small curry fish head at $20, and a buttered crayfish at $16. The fish head was well worth it because they gave us the whole head. I understand that there are some places selling fish head that only serves one side of the head, costing about $16 ~ $18. The curry was acceptable, fish and vegetables were fresh too. 

The buttered crayfish was also quite worth it. There were six halves of it which was equivalent to three crayfishes. The meat was fresh and I love it. I had a special liking for crayfish, therefore I will be back to try out all cooking styles with crayfish. I also tried the black pepper style, but because the peppercorns used was not coarse pepper but fine powdered pepper, the black pepper taste was not that good. I would recommend the buttered style. 

This is one eating place where I would return again. I also find that the seafood in the menu were not that pricely actually. They are of reasonable price. I returned to try the white beehoon as I saw many people ordering it. I ordered a plate and was surprised that there were clams added to it. It was like wow!!

Thumbs up for the white beehoon. It was good!! There were lots of eggs and I love eggs. This is one place I would recommend to people. A cosy family owned restaurant... ... 

1, Jalan Legundi
S'pore 759263

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wong Chiew Eating House

Lying along Sembawang road, just beside Thong Bee road, we can see an old eating house located in the corner. It had been there for many years and even before I was born. My understanding of it is that it was passed down generations after generations. My grandmother used to patronize them. It was until recently then I started to take my meals there. It has huge varieties of food, and its speciality are basically duck and chicken. 

It also has the traditional zi char food, dim sum, and also curry fish head. The food prices are very reasonable, and the place is packed especially during lunch hours and on weekends. 

 We always order shark fins when we had our meals there. One can really see that it does really have real shark fins with some crab meat. Unlike other places that uses lots of starch and carrots to add on the "fins". 

With some pepper and vinegar, the bowl of shar fins can be really tasty. We also order its speciality, the Bucket Chicken, they called it 木桶鸡. It comes in only half or whole chicken. Two people can practically finish half a chicken. Sometimes I feel that half is not enough for two of us. It is a small kampong chicken steamed under the chicken rice spices.

Lots of garlic and ginger spices sprinkled over the chicken, enhancing its taste. I just love it! I had tried the dim sum several times but didn't had the chace to capture it. I will be back with more updates from this eating house. 

I was back again for the Curry Fish Head. I had not captured it the first round so I would now present to you the thumbs up Curry Fish Head. This was one of the best Fish Head I had so far in Singapore. There was a famous Curry Fish Head coffee house along Sembawang Road, Chye Lai Curry Fish Head, located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. I would say that this one here was so much better than that. The gravy was thick and savoury, with a generous amount of vegetables in it. Purrrfect!!

29 Sembawang Road
S'pore 779081

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Friday, 1 November 2013

Daikokuya Ramen Dining 大黑屋

Nested in the small neighbourhood area, Daikokuya Ramen is located in myVillage @ Serangoon Garden. It can be quite crowded during the lunch hours because it is the only place that really carries a wide range of ramen. I usually hang out around this area but did not really set foot into this restaurant. It's menu carries a wide range of ramen and rice. For me being a noodle lover, I would certainly go for ramen.

We  ordered a Tonkotsu Spicy Miso Ramen and a Tonkatsu Curry Rice. We just love a little spice in our food to add the "hot" feel. There is also sesame seeds on the table for the extra flavour onto the ramen.


The soup of the ramen just tastes so good! Price is reasonable too... The Curry rice is also worth a try because it is suitblae for people who can't really take too spicy food. The not so spicy Japanese curry tells us that Japanese cannot eat "hot" stuffs. I will definitely go back to try out other flavours of ramen and continue updating here. Be sure to come back for more... ...

1 Maju Avenue, #01-01
myVillage @ Serangoon Garden
S'pore 556679

Rating: 4.2 out of 5