Friday, 22 November 2013

Orchid Live Seafood

Located along Sembawang Road, at Bah Soon Pah Road, we always see a beer garden for beer drinkers to chill out. Not knowing that there is a seafood restaurant inside, I had never set foot there. Until I saw the advert along the road saying "Live Seafood", then I decided to give it a shot. There were quite a number of cars when I arrived. It's speciality dish was the lobster porridge as advertised, and there were few tables ordering it.

Well I did not want to eat porridge at that time because I saw something special on the menu, its COLD CRAB! One of my favourites too because it had lots of eggs. I just love cold crab, especially crabs with eggs! So yummy. There were quite a varieties of food available as per stated in the menu. I ordered one small cold crab, small spicy squid, one sweet potato leaves vege and a fried rice. 

The best dish of the dinner was the cold crab. This small crab cost me $20, which I find it quite reasonable. There were eggs in it and I just love it! The pictures show everything. This restaurant was runned by PRCs and the other dishes were not as tasty as those from the "zi char" stalls. Maybe it was due to different cooking styles, but it did not suit my taste. 


The small spicy squid was sour which I believed they cooked using the Thai sweet and sour sauce, and the red onions that went with it was cold, so it felt like a cold dish instead. The sambal sweet potato leaves was not spicy at all and I had to add the balachan chilli and mixed it myself. The cook which I believed was not a local because the food produced did not have the local flavour. 

Well, I do not really recommend this place unless you are going for the cold crab and lobster porridge. From what I see and feel, these two items were more popular. I will be back for the cold crab or lobster porridge, but not the local dishes. 

More information on Orchid Live Seafood can be found on their website here.

1, Bah Soon Pah Road
S'pore 769959

Rating: 2 out of 5

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