Monday, 12 May 2014

Tom Yum Kungfu

This coffeeshop had changed several owners and had now been taken over by Tom Yum Kungfu, specializing in Thai BBQ, where they called it Mookata. There are crowds almost everyday. Note that it is closed on Mondays. I decided to give it a try since I am early because if you are late, seats are hardly available. The eating place also specialized in ala-carte dishes if you do not want to eat the BBQ. I saw people ordering it and it looked great. Authentic thai dishes are available in the menu. The BBQ set comes in set for 2, 4, 6 and 8. It is not too pricy too and every set will have some vegetables, meat (basically pork), seafood (prawns & scallops), and some others such as beancurd, enoki mushrooms, tang hoon, and etc. 

The coolest thing is that the BBQ is on charcoal, that explained the name Mookata - Thai Charcoal BBQ. It smelled so good when food is almost ready. And as you cooked it, you so wanted to just eat it straightaway. 

After finishing the meal, the BBQ area just gets darker and darker. And to us, this is the best part and the most sinful part. This is my first time trying out Thai Charcoal BBQ, I had also heard from my friends that there are better ones. Wait till I lay my mouth on it. Meanwhile, thumbs up for this. Worth a try. As for me, I will continue to try other places for more Thai BBQ. 

56, Serangoon Garden Way,
S'pore 555952

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

Sunday, 11 May 2014

126 Dim Sum (Wan Tou Sik)

Located in the red light district, a 24 hours eating place that serves Hong Kong tim sum is always packed with people. It has the Hong Kong style of seating and ordering method. This place serves a huge varieties from tim sum to noodles. It feels like a small business operation within a family. It is a like small coffeeshop over packed with people that's why seats are so close together. Don't be surprised if you got to share table with people. PArking is always a problem there. The food is nice definitely but be prepared for the crampy seats. As you flipped the menu, you will be like wanting to just order everything, at a loss of what to order. Too many to look at. We just randomly picked a few and it turned out great. Again, don't be taken by the menu for its lousy photography skills. We had a huge spread of food too... 

There will be more pictures coming up during each visit. I had a liking for the fried stuffs and that explained the pictures. The price is slightly above average but still affordable within your means. Go and give it a try. You will be back because it is better than those serve in the restaurant like Yum Cha or Turf's City. They had another outlet at Serangoon, both available sit-in and take-aways too. It is located at 1086, Serangoon Road. That will be my next destination.

126, Sims Avenue
S'pore 387449

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Refill Restaurant @ Hotel Re!

A quiet place located within the city on a hill top, a retro boutique hotel serving local authentic food, I can't resist but to patronize it. Don't be deceived by its dull looking normal menu. Taste the food for its goodness. I loved the local cooked food here. I believed the chef was good! I had tried the Lobster Spaghetti, Nonya Chicken Curry, Baby Lamb Rack, Roast Cod Fillet, Calamari and the Abalone Laksa. Wow, it was fantastic, and I would give them all thumbs up!

I am absolutely sure that I am heading back there for more food. It was a quiet environment and had no crowd. But be prepared to wait. Delicious food took a longer time for preparation. It was a small boutique hotel, suitable for a weekend getaway and at the same time enjoying quality food. I loved the ambience there too... Be sure to check out this place!!

I believed the food tells it all I wanted to say. Speechless to describe the wow in the food!!

175A, Chin Swee Road
S'pore 169879
Hotel RE! @ Pearl's Hill

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Menya Musashi - Japanese Ramen

This is one of my favourite ramen eating place!! Basically, I love the soup base, the chewy noodles and all the side dishes. Had been patronizing this ramen house and I felt that I got to share it with everyone. The ramen here was just so delicious. I would finish up the soup too sometimes. The soup broth was coooked with pork, chicken and sometimes fish depending on what flavour you ordered. They had a very attractive and colourful menu too...

I got hungry whenever I looked at their menu, the look of it kept me salivating. I had tried both the black and red ramen soup base, it was delicious. I have not tried the white soup base yet, but I believed it would definitely taste great too. The aroma of the soup was simply alluring, no doubts about it. I had the White Cha Shu Ramen, Sakura Tsukemen, Red Duck Ramen, and the White Buta Slice Ramen. I would give all of them thumbs up for their savoury taste!

There were dry ramen available too where the ramen and soup would come separately, such as the Sakura Tsukemen. And there was also the Do-It-Yourself ramen, picked and choosed your ingredients, soup and ramen serving size. Great combination for a family of 3 to 4 especially.

Every ramen set came with a side and a drink - Houji Tea. There were also ala-carte dishes available. The sides were also great and I have yet to try them all.... But I would definitely be back again so I can share more of it here.. 

Ramen lovers out there, Menya Musashi was considered one of the best in Singapore if you do a search on it. There were also few outlets available islandwide, but for me, I am a regular at the one located at Thomson Plaza. Good thing was that it wasn't that crowded in this outlet.  More information on Menya Musashi is available here.

301, Upper Thomson Road
#01-112, S'pore 574408
Thomson Plaza

Rating: 4.2 out of 5